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skin by dermal nurse hanna

A Bit About
Skin By Dermal Nurse Hanna

Hanna is a Bachelor qualified Dermal Clinician, a Cosmetic Nurse with a Master of Nursing Science and 16 years experience in the dermal and nursing professions. Her main goal is to achieve the best possible skin for her clients factoring in their whole well being.
Hanna has worked in a variety of settings including skin clinics and medical clinics working along side Dermatologists.
She also currently is an educator at Victoria University for the Bachelor of Dermal Science degree.
She values education and is always upskilling, doing masterclasses, private trainings and attending conferences.

What is a Dermal Clinician?
Dermal Clinicians specialise in the area of skin integrity management and non-surgical treatments to assist with acute and chronic skin conditions, disorders and diseases. With extensive skin biology, anatomy and physiology knowledge, Dermal Clinicians also understand the lymphatic, cardiovascular and endocrine systems and how the integumentary system can be impacted. Most importantly, Dermal Clinicians can assess and manage risks associated with tissue interactions and advanced therapies to ensure treatments are effective and safe for consumers.
Patients receive specialist advice and treatment resulting in optimum clinical outcomes.

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