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PDO Threads

 Tightening and rejuvenation

PDO Mono Threads activate collagen production to tighten and rejuvenate skin across the face and body gradually. By utalising your body's own processes.

PDO Mono Threads are a fantastic option for those who want to plump and smooth skin, reducing the visible signs of ageing without using fillers. These innovative threads rejuvenate and tighten skin for a firmer looking complexion.

The mono threads are a single, smooth, minimally-invasive PDO filament, less than the size of a single strand of hair. Mono facial threads can be inserted into the skin in a mesh-like pattern to achieve maximum skin tightening.


Treatment areas include -

• Peri Oral Lines (around the mouth)

• Nasolabial Folds

• Marrionette lines • Jawline

• Cheeks • Neck

PDO threads

* Picture is blurred on purpose incase you are a squeamish with needles

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