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Dermal beginnings

Dermal Beginnings
Online Course

Online course for new Dermal Clinicians and skin therapists just starting out in the industry and wanting guidance on getting into the industry and what to expect.
When the course officially launches, you'll be sent a link with how to access it.
You will also have lifetime access to the course if you wish to re-watch it.

What we'll cover

Starting out in the industry

  • Getting a job, what to look for and how to find one, working hours

Workplaces for Dermals

  • What different options do you have when looking into work

    • Benefits and drawbacks of them


  • What to expect to get paid, what to do if you find your perfect job and not perfect pay


  • How to build up your confidence when you're new to the industry

    • where to seek help if you need it

Options with progressing your career

  • One of the most frequent questions I get "what pathways can I take"

    • How to look into the different options and what to look for

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