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Skin Needling - is it worth the hype?

For the basic answer... YES! What is skin needling?

Skin needling is one of the most advanced non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures on the market. It is called by many names including micro needling, collagen induction therapy, dermarolling, vampire facials (although this is incorrect), regardless of what it is called they are all doing the same treatment. Skin needling has been around for about 30 years but has come into popularity in the past 7 years. By using tiny needles to penetrate the skin it enables the skin to function optimally and increase collagen production.

Skin needling is utilised for many indications including:

· Fine lines and wrinkles • Pigmentation issues including Melasma

· Enlarged pores • General skin health

· Scarring

How does skin needling work?

The micro-fine needles housed in the single-use, sterile cartridge of the pen penetrate the skin (Epidermis and Dermis) at a depth determined by the treatment concern (0.25mm to 2.5mm) to create micro wounds within the skin. This in turn stimulates the body's wound healing cascade, resulting in increased blood flow to the area, stimulation of neovascular growth (creation of new blood vessels), synthesis of proteoglycans such as Hyaluronic acid and new collagen synthesis as well as many other wound responses resulting in significant improvement to both skin texture and discoloration. This process

occurs over a period of weeks to months and results are progressive.

What to expect?

The treatment is generally well tolerated. It has a slight tingly/prickly and warm sensation but as the procedure is very quick this is tolerable to most people. After the treatment your skin will feel very warm, like sunburn and be sensitive to cold air and to touch.

Downtime is minimal with most people experiencing mild, transient redness (24-48hrs) and minor oedema (swelling) of the skin (24-48hrs). Occasionally, petechiae/bruising may occur over delicate areas such as forehead and temples or on areas that needed deeper treatment like scars. In areas which have deeper treatment require dry skin/flaking is possible for up to 72 hours.

Makeup can be applied the following day however we recommend you do not touch your skin or use makeup for as long as possible after the procedure. Your regular skincare, including active ingredients can be resumed 5 days post treatment or as tolerated.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies greatly depending on the patient and the skin concern. Total number of sessions from 4-10 is common, the more significant the issue the more treatments required. This is a progressive treatment so more than one is always required and it can take multiple sessions until you notice a visible difference. In your consultation you will be advised on how many treatments may be required and expected results. In a nutshell - it is minimally invasive with so many good benefits! Book a consult to find out how it will work for you.

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